Facility Maintenance

A building is a direct reflection of the company enclosed. Keeping it maintained and operating safely without interruption saves you money, time, and presents a good image to your employees, the people you do business with, and the public.

Proven Processes
DFM Solutions delivers high-quality building maintenance programs that reduce costs by self-performing critical services. We manage subcontracted work only when necessary and strive to employ a higher level of experienced employees. This results in lower cost to our customers and a more knowledgeable onsite staff.

Customized Service
Our team will meet with your staff in order to select the outsourcing services needed for your facilities’ cleaning and maintenance operations. DFM Solutions can provide selected services or management of outsourcing services for your future maintenance strategy.

DFM Solutions understands how important proper maintenance of your facility and its assets is to your business. A well-maintained facility provides occupants with a safe and productive work environment and effectively manages operating costs while protecting your investment.

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