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DFM Launches Orientation Program for New Supervisors

20 March, 2013

DFM launches Orientation Program for New Supervisors.  The intention of the Orientation is setting our supervisors up for success.

During Orientation participants interact with subject matter experts who are departmental leaders, delving into subjects that allow Supervisors to understand how the company’s QOS functions. "Leadership also takes this opportunity to explain the future of the company and the interworking of the Devon Group.”  Edd Stacy, General Cleaner Supervisor-Ford Woodhaven.

The participants are also introduced to the various tools used within DFM, such as Company Overview, HR Processes, Budget Review & Finance and Quality and many more.  It also validates that the participants have access and a cursory knowledge of the processes and systems used.

Orientation for New Supervisors was initially created only for new supervisors, but we believe it is important that current supervisors and Facility Managers attend this program as well.  This ensures DFM achieves the goals of creating uniformity with a system that can continuously be improved.

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